Nurture, Balance and Heal Your Womb

I do a womb meditation in the morning before getting out of bed. I connect with myself, place my hands over my womb, breathe into this area and tune into whatever intuitive messages are speaking to me. 

Arriving into consciousness with our womb is done through meditation, healing breathwork and movement, massage and, in essence, energy work. There are many powerful yogic methods to heal and transform our sacred womb.  

Our womb is above the pubic bone and below the navel. The energetic center that relates to the womb is Swadhisthana or the sacral chakra, and can be translated as “the dwelling place of the self,” or the home of one’s sweetness! A woman’s body predominantly creates from the divine energy living in her womb. Our creativity, sexuality and deepest desires (birthing human life/a new you/dreams) are all conceived in the womb and nurtured into form.

We can nurture, balance or heal the womb by awakening and balancing our sacral chakra. Learning to flow with life, experience our emotions and pleasure and open up to creativity support this. 

There can be such pain, trauma and energetic blockages stored in our wombs from painful menstruation, childbirth, pregnancy loss of any kind, fertility challenges, sexual trauma and much more. The cellular memory from this woundedness can leave us disconnected from the sacredness of our wombs. Until we’re able to process this, our brains may numb this space until we’re ready and have the support needed to remember. As you awaken to this woundedness, and listen to what your womb has to say, you begin your journey into healing…

The first step in healing the womb is feeling the womb. Begin here:

Create a sacred space. Light a candle, enjoy aromatherapy for the sacral chakra (rose, sandalwood, sweet orange, ylang-ylang to name a few), play ambient music. 

Get comfortable in yoga’s goddess pose with hands by your side or placed over your womb. 

Breathe, soften and center yourself. Intend to consciously take time for honoring your sacredness. Bring your awareness to your belly, the seat of your womb, and consciously breathe deeply and fully, with the knowing that your breath is your most intimate connection to Source. 

Allow yourself to listen with your whole being, to feel, to sense and fully experience your womb center. Do you sense constriction or blockages? Feelings you haven’t felt in a long time or have never felt may arise. That’s okay. Just breathe deeply in and out of your sacral chakra, listening to every facet of your sacred womb. 

Allow yourself to hear—to see—to experience what your womb has to say, without judgment, blame or shame. Be the witness without attachment. Let your womb know you’re ready to restore balance and harmony to your sacred center. Visualize this. Honor the wisdom, magic and mystery retained within your womb—her life-giving potential, your moon bleeding, and the wisdom and power of your womb to hold her blood as you’re ushered into your wise elder years.

Recite womb/sacral chakra healing affirmations like “I release all that no longer serves my highest good from my womb.”

Give thanks for the opportunity to honor your womb in such a reverential way.

After this journey, perhaps write in your journal any messages you have received and want to rememberDo this ritual periodically to keep your womb centered, balanced and clear.

You may want to consider additional energetic healing work by an experienced energy/body worker to further support healing.

MARY BETH JANSSEN, CAyur, RYT, CMT, is president of the Janssen Source, wellness director for a large Chicagoland Health Care Organization, and certified Ayurvedic and mind-body health specialist for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing

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