Saturday, February 24, 2018


About the Band

Since forming in 1981, the St. Louis Stompers have played a mixture of Chicago and New Orleans style traditional jazz and Dixieland, reminiscent of Bix, Jelly Roll and King Oliver.

They have performed a mixture of traditional jazz nationwide for audiences as large as 8,000 people.  Their recordings have been broadcast from Portland, Oregon to the United Kingdom.

Check out our Event Calendar for the latest additions to our festival schedule. The Stompers have performed at many jazz festivals including the Bix Beiderbecke and Cedar Basin Festivals in Iowa, Suncoast Dixleland Jazz Classic in Clearwater, festivals in Fresno CA and Ogden UT and the Orange County CA Jazz Festival. Past engagements include the Dixiefest at Clear Lake IA, Great River Jazz Society of Hannibal, St. Louis Jazz Club, Goldenrod Showboat and countless parties and concerts across the Midwest.

Pat Arana - Trombone

Pat is a veteran jazz player. He has probably played with every jazz group in the St. Louis area and was a charter member of Jean Kittrell and Red Lehr's Old Saint Louis Levee Band which played for fourteen years on the famous Lt. Robert E. Lee showboat.  Pat has performed throughout the US and Europe. A retired band teacher, Pat's trombone playing soars and growls the full range of the instrument.  He remains one of the busiest musicians in St. Louis.

Jack Tartar - Drums and Ukelele

The only charter member of the Stompers, Jack is one of the finest drummers anywhere in the country. Jack perfected his drumming skills during a stint in the Navy and effortlessly shifts from one playing style to another. One of the most sought after drummers in the St. Louis area, Jack has played with Steve Allen, backed the Ink Spots and Four Aces, toured with the Sammy Kaye Orchestra throughout the US, including Hawaii, and has toured with Jean Kittrell. An avid outdoorsman, Jack spends much of his leisure time camping, canoeing, and watching wildlife. He also serves as Band Morale Officer and Philosopher in Residence.

Dave Majchrzak (“May-zak”) - Piano/Arranger

Dave plays a driving, crowd-pleasing traditional jazz piano. He has led his own bands since his high school days and plays contemporary, rock and swing as easily as he plays Dixie.  For years, Dave worked with the Bob Kuban organization. He has also played solo Ragtime gigs at venues such as the Ragfest on the Goldenrod Showboat and at Silver Dollar City, the Chippewa Valley, Blind Boone, Alex Bay, and Scott Joplin Ragtime Festivals.  Dave has served as artist in residence for the Scott Joplin festival, as director of the Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival, the Chippewa Valley Ragtime Festival, and as president of St. Louis’ Friends of Scott Joplin Society.  A veterinarian by day, Dave also composes ragtime music and acts as the band’s arranger.

Steve Lilley - Cornet/Leader

Steve joined the Stompers in 1994 and now leads the band. Over the years, he played with a number of jazz groups.  In fact, a group he led may have had the longest name of any trad group in the St. Louis area: The Chamber Music Society of Greater Lincoln County (picture that on a name tag). Since then, he has performed with numerous jazz bands including ten years with Jean Kittrell.  He continues to play with the Saint Louis Rivermen, Red Lehr’s Powerhouse Five, and the Old Saint Louis Levee Band. A retired high school teacher, he also has written three history books and several magazine articles.  In February 2009, Highlights for Children, America’s premier children’s magazine, published his story “Louis and the King”, an account of Joe Oliver’s mentoring young Louis Armstrong.

Mike Lilley - Reeds

Mike is leader Steve Lilley's identical twin brother. During his 20-year career in the Air Force, Mike served as Titan missile launch officer and information officer. Retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, he now divides his time among his family, his bird dog, and his clarinet. In his youth, he played the rural dance halls where large men were thrown around the room toward midnight. He finds the Stompers' jobs much tamer. Our older and more settled patrons only throw small men aound and always long before midnight.

Dave Zink - Sousaphone

Born to parents who love Dixieland Jazz, David grew up listening to recordings of Sammy Gardner and Muggsy's Sprecher's Gaslighters. These greats from St. Louis' legendary Gaslight Square inspired David to immerse himself in traditional jazz. In the fifth grade, he joined the school band playing trombone, an instrument he continues to play with the Jacksonville, Illinois Symphony Orchestra. When David and some of his high school buddies organized their own Dixieland band, he took up the sousaphone. His trad. sousaphone playing led to a musical association with festival favorite David "Red" Lehr and the irrepressible Jean Kittrell who encouraged David's jazz ambitions. Over the years, David has played with some of the top trad bands in the midwest and now lays down the bass line for the St. Louis Stompers Classic Jazz Band. By day David owns and operates an auto repair shop, restores and drives classic cars, and plays traditional jazz every chance he gets...which is more all the time!